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  • Mixtape Download: Companion for Pinchy Don

    Mixtape Download: Companion for Pinchy Don

    Hi all, Here’s a mix I did for Pinchy & Friends a few months ago. A 30 minute dive into the 60s, 70s, electronic, hiphop, indie and classic genres I’m such a fan of. While it sounds a lot like my old mixtapes, it starts off with a new dark and moody track which samples […]

  • Mojib VS UNKLE

    Mojib VS UNKLE

    Once “Whimsical Lifestyle” was sent for mastering in Canada a few side projects were┬árealized. One of them became the massive UNKLE megamix, Mojib VS UNKLE – A mix which later was used as promotion material for the debut album release. While not released officially the project was endorsed by the members of UNKLE and the […]