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  • Mixtape Download: Companion for Pinchy Don

    Mixtape Download: Companion for Pinchy Don

    Hi all, Here’s a mix I did for Pinchy & Friends a few months ago. A 30 minute dive into the 60s, 70s, electronic, hiphop, indie and classic genres I’m such a fan of. While it sounds a lot like my old mixtapes, it starts off with a new dark and moody track which samples […]

  • The Return

    The Return

    A free download and the history behind this old/new song.

  • Recommendations

    If you recently discovered Mojib, here are the most popular downloads. Break of Dawn (From the album “Whimsical Lifetyle”) Feasting on my heart (From the mixtape “Whimsical mixtape”) Radiohead – Codex (Mojib Remix) (From the album “The King of Limbs” by Radiohead) Mojib – Paranoid Android (Radiohead) (Mojib Version for Buffet Libre)   (Psst… I’m […]

  • Parsley Sound – House is Shaking (feat. Mojib)

    Parsley Sound – House is Shaking (feat. Mojib)

    The UK duo, Parsley sound, was once described as “They combine the ambience of late 60s/early 70s American folk-pop with the sonic waywardness and studio savvy of cutting edge post-millennial electronica.” They released their self-titled debut on James Lavelle’s MoWax label. The original track “House is shaking”, written and performed by Parsley sound, was a […]

  • Where did the Night Fall Revisited

    Where did the Night Fall Revisited

    Since the UNKLE Revisited project was abandoned the rights to publish UNKLE material was left unused. To make use of this opportunity the album “Where did the night fall” was mashed and reconstructed with psychedelic sounds and beats. The project was never officially released. [button link=”” color=”black”] Download (ZIP file)[/button]

  • Lost & Found

    Lost & Found

    A collection of unfinished mixtape projects by Martin Erlandsson and Mojib – All merged into one single 60 minute mix. Released in the summer of 2009 as a free download on the UNKLE Revisited blog.

  • Radiohead – Codex (Mojib Remix)

    Original track appears on Radioheads “The King of Limbs” from 2011. The remix was released on the same day as the Radiohead album went online. Never officially released due to its Petula Clark – “You And I” sample. It was first released on the Radiohead website At Ease. It was later featured as track-of-the-week by Allison Stewart […]

  • Outtakes, Unreleased & Demos

    Outtakes, Unreleased & Demos

    First off – Thank you. This is the section of the website I’ve made sure to complete on my own. There are very few artists I would actually track down demos for, let alone click on a title on their website which said “Outtakes, Unreleased and demos”. And considering I’m doing mostly sample-based music, demos […]

  • Mojib – Paranoid Android (Rewind 2)

    Mojib – Paranoid Android (Rewind 2)

    A string version of Radioheads classic track “Paranoid android”. Produced for Buffet Libre’s “Rewind 2” project which featured artists interperating artists from the ’90s. Instead of relying on samples, all the instruments were recorded especially for this song. Released in January of 2009. The 2nd installment in the incredible labor of love known as the Buffet […]

  • Mojib on Mowax Bare Sessions (2006)

    Mojib on Mowax Bare Sessions (2006)

    Mowaxcuts (or Bare Sessions) podcast featuring music from the UK label MoWax. This is a short 17 minute mini-mix featuring Dj Shadow, Parsley Sound, South among others. [button link=”″ color=”black”] Download[/button]