Outtakes, Unreleased & Demos

First off – Thank you. This is the section of the website I’ve made sure to complete on my own.

There are very few artists I would actually track down demos for, let alone click on a title on their website which said “Outtakes, Unreleased and demos”. And considering I’m doing mostly sample-based music, demos in this genre are rare. So I’m very thankful and grateful if you are here – It means a lot.

The problem is, this section is without question a b-side/scraps junkyard. They aren’t catalogized on the website cause they aren’t good enough, it’s as simple as that. For some reason or another they were either never completed or too boring to even upload – So if you’re going to download MP3s from here, make sure you’ve got some time on your hand cause you need to sort out a lot of garbage. But there are, in my opinion, some small gems here and there.

Cheers /Staffan


GYLF – “Untitled Mixtape from 2005” // “House of Sand and fog” // “Marjen” // “Glory (UNKLE Revisited Demo) // Medley // Melody // Nightly Overtune // UNKLE – The Price you pay (Mojib with Trentemoller) // “Rich Does Quantum Physics” (Mixtape) // “Time” (The Chemical Brothers Remix) // UNKLE – Twilight (UNKLE Revisited Extended Demo) // UNKLE – Twilight (Mojib Remix Demo) // UNKLE – Guns Blazing (Mojib Mashup) // UNKLE – Kane & Able (Mojib Remix) // UNKLE – When things explode (Mojibs Kroost Remix)


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