• Where did the Night Fall Revisited

    Where did the Night Fall Revisited

    Since the UNKLE Revisited project was abandoned the rights to publish UNKLE material was left unused. To make use of this opportunity the album “Where did the night fall” was mashed and reconstructed with psychedelic sounds and beats. The project was never officially released. [button link=”http://mojib.net/mp3s/mojib_night_interp.zip” color=”black”] Download (ZIP file)[/button]

  • Outtakes, Unreleased & Demos

    Outtakes, Unreleased & Demos

    First off – Thank you. This is the section of the website I’ve made sure to complete on my own. There are very few artists I would actually track down demos for, let alone click on a title on their website which said “Outtakes, Unreleased and demos”. And considering I’m doing mostly sample-based music, demos […]

  • UNKLE Revisited

    UNKLE Revisited

    UNKLE Revisited was an official project which launched in 2009 and were to include selections of UNKLE’s back catalogue remixed, reconstructed and covered. The project was set to include guest artists such as Trentemoller, Lushlife, Minilogue, The Radio dept., Amon Tobin among others. In the final stages the project was shelved due to copyright and management […]

  • Mojib VS UNKLE

    Mojib VS UNKLE

    Once “Whimsical Lifestyle” was sent for mastering in Canada a few side projects were realized. One of them became the massive UNKLE megamix, Mojib VS UNKLE – A mix which later was used as promotion material for the debut album release. While not released officially the project was endorsed by the members of UNKLE and the […]

  • UNKLE – Safe in Mind (Mojib Remix)

    UNKLE – Safe in Mind (Mojib Remix)

    Unofficial remix for the UNKLE 77 website. Released in 2007. Guitars samples originates from the track “Super Massive Black hole” by Muse. Original video is included below. UNKLE (also written as U.N.K.L.E.) are a British musical outfit founded in 1994 by school friends James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy. Originally categorized as trip-hop, the group once […]



    Throughout the years Mojib have released several unofficial, as well as official, projects featuring the music of UNKLE. We’ve collected all of them on one page. Including remixes, mixtapes and reconstructions. Visit the link below for a complete list, including downloads.   [button link=”http://mojib.net/tag/unkle/” color=”black”] All UNKLE Projects by Mojib[/button]