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  • Lost & Found

    Lost & Found

    A collection of unfinished mixtape projects by Martin Erlandsson and Mojib – All merged into one single 60 minute mix. Released in the summer of 2009 as a free download on the UNKLE Revisited blog.

  • Whimsical Mixtape

    Whimsical Mixtape

    Released a year after “Whimsical lifestyle”. Divided into two parts, an extended version of the second part was to be released as a limited CD. This was later cancelled. Below features the original press release. It’s a sixty minute mix that knows no boundaries as it remixes, mashes and reconstructs tracks from the Whismical Lifestyle LP […]

  • Introduction to Beats

    Introduction to Beats

    Released as early as 2005. A short introduction to sampling masterminds DJ Shadow, UNKLE, Beastie boys, Buck 65, Caribou, Mylo among others. One of the first mixtape which were released publicly. Produced with Sony’s Sound forge application. [button link=”http://www.mojib.net/files/mixes/mojib-mixtape.mp3″ color=”black”] Download MP3 [/button]    

  • Examination


    A mixtape produced for a graduation party in 2006. Thirty minutes of hip hop, electronica and indie. Fast cuts, with lots of different artists crammed in. Features The Beastie boys, RJD2, Richard Ashcroft and a bunch of 60’s soul music. [button link=”http://www.mojib.net/files/mixes/Mojib_-_Examinering.mp3″ color=”black”] Download MP3 [/button]

  • The Holiday Adventure

    The Holiday Adventure

    Instrumental, underground, mid down-tempo and beat based music all rolled into one adventure. Produced in 2006 and made available on the web in the summer of 2007. Features various artists such as Kettle, Blockhead, Nina Simone, Super Furry animals among others. No tracklist is available.   [button link=”http://www.mojib.net/files/mixes/Mojib-Holiday_Adventure_mix.mp3″ color=”black”] Download MP3 [/button]

  • Requiem with Martin Erlandsson

    Requiem with Martin Erlandsson

    The Requiem mix is produced by Martin Erlandsson and Staffan Ulmert (Mojib). Released in 2006. A collaboration between two friends and it’s best described by Martin Erlandsson below.  A special thanks to the listeners who have taken the time to write thoughts, anecdotes, reflections and even poems regarding this mix and emailed them both to me and […]