Whimsical Lifestyle

Released in November of 2007 by, the now defunct, Canadian independent label Non-Existent Records (NXR). The CD version was distributed online and in Canadian record stores. A digital version was released in early 2008 through iTunes, Amazon and forty other digital distributers. A promo version of “Break of Dawn” was distributed among radio station and received airplay primarily in the US. In 2008 One Little Indian, a UK based record label, were to distribute the album in Europe. Due to copyright issues the re-release was cancelled.


01. Intro
02. Whimsical Lifestyle
03. Jonsered
04. Think Tank
05. Break of Dawn
06. The Garden Part Three
07. Lifesaver
08. Home is where the Heart is
09. Underneath*
10. Untitled
11. Answering Machine at Night**

Additional information

Reviews by Exclaim! (CA), Textura (CA), Sputnik Music (US) & The Daily Record (SE)

Produced by Staffan Ulmert (Mojib)

Recorded in Jonsered, Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2006-2007.

Final Mix by Blayne Smith. Mastered by Silver Polish Studios (CA)

*Underneath features additional vocals by Zandra Lundqvist.

**Features two untitled hidden tracks

Album illustrations and design by Claire Scully.

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Digital Album* $9 (PayPal)

Alternative stores; iTunes, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK)

The CD version is out of print.


The CD Version

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